May 10, 2013

Scrapbook bridal shower

This is the last one from last weekend. This order came to us by a good friend of Mel's. Sara's sister Kate is getting married and Sara asked if we could make a cake to help celebrate.  She provided us with a few pictures of her sister Kate and asked if we could incorporate them on a cake. So we thought of making a Scrap book cake.

The cake is a chocolate Guinness cake filled with white chocolate cream. All details are made from fondant and edible prints.  Sara told us that Kate loves purple in every shade so we made these 2 scrape book pages in various shades of purple and it would only be fitting to make the book binding in purple. A little glitter added here and there.

This page has pictures of a younger Kate through the years.  The next page is of a more mature Kate with her parents and the love of her life soon to be married.

We wish Kate all the love and happiness for a beautiful future with her soon to be husband.

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