May 22, 2013

Olivia's 4th Birthday

This past Monday we celebrated our Victoria Day but also it was Olivia's 4th birthday. Olivia is Jackson's and Juliana's neighbour so of course they were there to help celebrate. Olivia's mom asked us to make some cupcakes for Olivia and her friends and family.  Olivia also shares a birthday with her aunt Marie who we mentioned in the birthday greeting.

These pictures were taken by Olivia's mom at the party.  The giant cupcake actually had a sparkly # 4 made from gum paste and also 3 gum paste butterflies in flight (attached to wires) which are not in this picture.  The pictures I took of this cake & cupcakes somehow disappeared from my iPhone when I was downloading them onto the computer. Don't you just love technology :(

The giant cupcake is made up of chocolate cake for the bottom 1/2 and vanilla cake for the top 1/2 and filled with vanilla mousse. Topped with butter cream and a few butterflies, bows and daisies. The surrounding cupcakes were 1 doz vanilla filled with cookies & cream and 1 doz chocolate filled with vanilla mousse. They were also topped with our yummy butter cream and each cupcake had either a butterfly or daisy topper.

Thanks to Erin (Olivia's mom) for providing the pictures and saving us on this.
Happy 4th Birthday Olivia!

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