May 10, 2013

Jake & the Neverland Pirates

OK, a little catch up here. Last Saturday was Brandin's 5th Birthday. His mom Mary had asked if we could make his cake and his request was Jake & the Neverland Pirates.  Boy do you learn a lot about kids making their cakes, of course I knew about Jake and the Neverland Pirates since my little grandson likes watching this cartoon as well.

So Mel and I thought we'd take this cake a little further than the last Jake and the Neverland Pirates cake and make the ship out of the cake.  Brandin's request of flavours was vanilla cake with vanilla cream and fresh strawberries.

We purchased the little characters so that Brandin had a souvenir of his birthday cake.  Mel, Phil and my 2 little grandkids were at Brandin's party and the cake was a hit.

The sail and flag are made from gum paste, all other details are made from fondant.

Brandin's mom Mary also requested Jake and the Neverland Pirates cookies so she could include one in each of the loot bags Brandin was giving out to his little friends.

Our yummy sugar cookies with fondant details topped with edible images of Jake and the gang.

Happy Birthday Brandin!

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  1. Hello
    can you tell what you made the sand out of. And did you use fondant only for the mast? And what did you use to get the wood effect?