April 28, 2012

A Mickey Birthday

Tomorrow is Brandin's 4th birthday and to help celebrate his mom Mary chose a fun venue and asked us to make her little guy a cake of his favourite character, none other than Mickey Mouse. Since I only arrived home late last night Mel took care of this cake as well. I only got to help on the finishing touches and since my little grandson Jackson was invited to the party today I offered to deliver the cake to see his expression as he also is a big Mickey fan.

This vanilla character cake was baked in a Mickey Mouse pan and decorated with icing done in stars. Great job Mel! I had the fun of adding the stars and birthday wishes and then getting to see the faces of all the kids when I delivered it.  It was a fun birthday for all and to the delight of the birthday boy and his friends, Mickey Mouse himself made an appearance to join in the fun and help wish Brandin a happy birthday.


Quicenniera (Sweet 15)

I've been away this week so Mel was on her own and did a beautiful job on this cake. This was ordered from a previous client for her daughter's 15th birthday being held at the Borgata in Woodbridge. Martha, our client, had a vision after speaking with Catalina from Luminaries. Luminaries are a type of vase like candle holders that come in all shapes and sizes. The plan was to use these between the tiers of cake.

All 3 cakes are covered in white fondant with a purple/lilac and pink theme. The bottom tier is a red velvet 12" round with cream cheese filling topped with an 8" Luminaries glowing in pink. The cake has purple/lilac and pink gum paste flowers. The middle tier is a 10" vanilla cake with vanilla mousse & fresh strawberries with pink dragees scattered. Separating the middle tier and the top tier is a 6" luminaries glowing in purple. The top tier is an 8" coffee chocolate cake filled with a cappuccino cream and is adorned with a pink gum paste bow.


The cake is topped with a pink gum paste # 15 and a small luminary. A very pretty effect.  Thanks to Mel for her wonderful work and my sister Lisa & my brother Fred who delivered the cake and helped set it up.

We wish the birthday girl a very Happy Birthday!

April 9, 2012

Spaceships & Aliens Cupcakes

Our little birthday boy Ethan came by tonight with his Mom Anna to pick up the cupcakes ordered for his birthday party at school tomorrow.  I got a big "Thank You" personally from Ethan for his Angry Birds cake his Mom ordered and picked up on Saturday for his birthday party at home. Lucky boy he gets to celebrate his birthday again.  This time instead of the Angry Birds theme, he opted for "Spaceships, aliens and robots".

There are 24 cupcakes in total. 12 chocolate and 12 vanilla topped with vanilla butter cream.  We have spaceships with the birthday boy's age and we have yellow robots and green aliens all made from fondant. A very colourful and yummy treat.

I'm sure Ethan and his class mates will enjoy our "out of this world" cupcakes. Cupcakes are an easy way to celebrate birthdays especially in school. No cutting required and everyone gets an equal portion and remember we are totally nut free which is a definite must in the school system today. We thank Anna for giving us this fun project to help celebrate Ethan's 4th Birthday.

April 7, 2012

Angry Birds

Our second cake picked up today is for Ethan who is turning 4. Ethan's mom Anna got our name through a friend, for which we are grateful. Anna told us that Ethan loves the Angry Birds game. I for one wasn't familiar with the Angry Birds and had to google it, lol. I think the game is very basic, you have some birds who are angry with some green pigs, haha. Why I'm not 100% sure. Anyway, we were asked to create a cake with the Angry Birds theme.  We were to make sure we included "king pig" and "soldier pig" as these 2 characters are Ethan's favourites.

The cake requested was a vanilla cake with cookies and cream filling. The birds, pigs and other details are made from fondant & gum paste mix.

We hope Ethan enjoys his cake.  And come Monday Anna is picking up cupcakes for Ethan's school mates as they celebrate his birthday again.  Stay tuned on Monday.

Happy Birthday Ethan!

The Incredible Hulk

Our little birthday boy Behan who turned 7 yesterday has a thing for super heroes. Last year we made him a Spider man Cake and this year he wanted The Incredible Hulk. By way of his uncle Behan sent us a picture of the Hulk from a page out of his colouring book.  From that we traced the outline of the picture and transferred it to our cake and filled it in with butter cream stars.

Behan's cake is an 8" round vanilla cake with cookies & cream filling. We covered the cake with grey fondant and the Hulk is done in butter cream.

Behan's uncle picked up this cake today for the birthday celebration. What super hero are we making next year?  Hope you enjoy your cake Behan.

Happy 7th Birthday Behan!

April 4, 2012

Giant cupcake farewell

Our close friend Lisa and repeat client fell in love with the giant cupcake we posted recently on our blog. Lisa's friend and boss Laurie will be leaving her current position and starting fresh in a new position so Laurie's staff and colleagues decided to arrange a little farewell party for her tomorrow and what better way is there to say Thank You and Best Wishes than a giant cupcake.  Being spring and just before Easter we decided to make this cupcake with a spring colour theme which certainly gives it a cheerful & fun look despite the sadness that Laurie's staff and friends feel in seeing her leave.

The flavour chosen, in keeping with the spring theme, is a lemon cake filled with a refreshing lemon curd. The base is covered in a terracotta coloured fondant again to resemble a pot of flowers. The top is covered in butter cream with emerald cake sprinkles and topped with fondant daisies and silver dragees.

Since a giant cupcake doesn't offer too many servings Lisa requested 40 regular sized cupcakes. The 40 cupcakes are red velvet with cream cheese frosting each topped with it's own fondant daisy.

Along with her staff and friends
We wish Laurie all the best in her new position.

April 1, 2012

Wizard of Oz cut cake

As promised here is a picture of the Wizard of Oz cake once it was cut; the picture was taken by Mel at the party today.  We received great reviews on the cake, all guests raved that it tasted as good as it looked, very moist was the consensus.

A little hard to distinguish the red and orange. In the picture they look like one layer.  Each layer was filled with cream cheese frosting but not too much so we could get the effect of the colours blending together like a rainbow.  Mel was told at the party that it was a nice mild cream cheese flavour added to the cake. I think if the layers were filled as we normally fill a cake it would have been too much with so many layers.  We're thrilled that the party was a big success and the cake was a hit.

We're off to see the Wizard

Today's cake was a fun cake to do. Mel & I were asked to make a birthday cake for her little God daughter Cruz who is turning 2 and the theme requested is "The Wizard of Oz".  This happens to be Mel's all time favourite movie. Tanya, Cruz's mom asked us not only to decorate the cake with the Wizard of Oz theme but she wanted the cake to appear like a rainbow when cut. Tanya always loves to challenge us. Here is the cake prior to decorating;

red, orange, yellow, green, blue & purple too
The layers are made up of 10" round vanilla cakes all 1" high where the batter was coloured in the bright colours of the rainbow. We filled the layers with cream cheese filling, yum. This made for a very tall cake with 6 layers.  But once it was decorated it really came together and brought back memories of an old favourite movie.

The characters are a little exaggerated in size but hey they are the centre of the story. Each character was made from a fondant/gum paste mix.  The fun part was trying to figure out how to depict Emerald City.  Mel came up with the idea of fondant sticks which we made with green fondant and I found Emerald cake sprinkles which we covered the fondant sticks with. Turned out pretty cool.

All other details were made from fondant.  I just delivered this cake to Jumping Jacks indoor playground where the party is being held. Tanya was thrilled with the cake as was Cruz who was wearing a pair of sparkly ruby shoes, how cute! Tanya promised to send me a picture of the cake once it is cut. Of course Mel, Phil, and my 2 grandkids Jackson & Juliana will be there to help celebrate so Mel will get 1st hand the reaction from the kids and other guests on the cake. 

 Turned out to be quite a colourful cake inside & out.  Here are a few more shots of the cake.

Happy Birthday Cruz!