April 7, 2012

Angry Birds

Our second cake picked up today is for Ethan who is turning 4. Ethan's mom Anna got our name through a friend, for which we are grateful. Anna told us that Ethan loves the Angry Birds game. I for one wasn't familiar with the Angry Birds and had to google it, lol. I think the game is very basic, you have some birds who are angry with some green pigs, haha. Why I'm not 100% sure. Anyway, we were asked to create a cake with the Angry Birds theme.  We were to make sure we included "king pig" and "soldier pig" as these 2 characters are Ethan's favourites.

The cake requested was a vanilla cake with cookies and cream filling. The birds, pigs and other details are made from fondant & gum paste mix.

We hope Ethan enjoys his cake.  And come Monday Anna is picking up cupcakes for Ethan's school mates as they celebrate his birthday again.  Stay tuned on Monday.

Happy Birthday Ethan!

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