November 9, 2014

Sebastian's Christening

This week end was super busy as we had another celebration to attend today. My wonderful nephew David and his beautiful wife Sabrina christened their third child Sebastian today.  It is always a pleasure and very special to me to be able to make a cake for family and someone so dear as Sebastian.  When I was asked to make Sebastian's cake I was told the flavor; chocolate Guinness with white chocolate mousse filling and as for the design it was entirely up to me as long as it had some blue on it.  But when I received the invitation the lights came on and I knew exactly what I was going to do with the design.

This darling 3 tiered cake is made up of 10, 8 and 6" cakes.  The cross, the sleeping baby and the name plaque on the top tiers are all made of gum paste.  All other details are made in fondant. Here is a picture of the invite that inspired the design;

I chose the middle tier to apply the silver/grey chevron design.  Done in fondant was a little trickier than I expected, but thanks to Jessica Harris's wonderful tutorial on wax paper transfers I managed to get it done. But now I know why she uses modeling chocolate as opposed to fondant for these tricky details.

On the bottom and top tier I pulled in the design of the blue band with the white polka dots and added a blue bow at the bottom and a name plate which is similar in shape on the invitation holding the celebration info.

I topped the cake with my favorite little sleeping baby done in gum paste. With a little blue fondant blanket sleeping at the base of a gum paste cross.  The rosary is done in blue fondant pearls with added silver sugar pearls.

It was a wonderful celebration, with great food, great family and friends and we are so happy to have Sebastian as part of our family. 

And here is the little darling propped up in his chair. He was such a good little trooper and didn't seem to mind all the attention.  We love you little one. 

God Bless Sebastian!


Kathryn & Joshua's wedding

Our good friends and neighbors had a big celebration last night which we were delighted to be a part of.  Their daughter Kathryn and her now new husband Josh tied the knot yesterday.  It seems like yesterday when Kathryn was just a little girl of 12yrs and she became our official dog walker.  We have watched her grow into a beautiful young women and be able to share her special day.  Needless to say that when Kathryn asked me to make her wedding cake that I was absolutely thrilled to take on the task. With a design plan in mind and flavors picked the big day finally arrived.

The 4 tier cake is made up of red velvet cake with cream cheese filling and a pumpkin apple spice cake with a caramel cream cheese filling.  This picture was taken at the venue as we put the top tier on site.  Gracing the top tier is a beautiful silver and crystal initial of their last name.

The bottom tier is actually a dummy cake covered in fondant petals. The next tier up is the red velvet cake and is done in a silver shimmer finish with white fondant pearl swags.  The top tier here is one of the pumpkin apple spice cakes and it is also covered in white fondant petals.

The very top tier of the cake which was added at the venue is also a pumpkin apple spice cake and is trimmed with a lilac ribbon and bow and additional ribbon and topper was added on site.

It was a wonderful party, with great food, great friends and fun had by all.  Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day. We wish you many happy years of love, laughter and happiness.

Kathryn & Josh!

November 3, 2014

Simple, sweet & elegant Christening cake

Saturday I had the honour of delivering a cake we made for a special little boy who was being Christened.  His Godmother Gabriela called and asked if we could make a special cake to help celebrate the occasion.

This white and off white 2 tiered cake consists of the bottom tier being a red velvet cake with a cream cheese filling and the top tier in a chocolate fudge cake with a white chocolate mousse filling.

We topped this cake with a gum paste sleeping baby laying at the foot of a gum paste cross. We covered our little baby with a fondant blanket.

At the base of the top tier we placed a gum paste bow and the baby's name just above. We also bordered the top tier with a fondant band to appear as the ribbon and trimmed it with a delicate rosette trim.

On either side of the top tier facing forward are the words "God Bless".

The bottom tier is done with a quilted effect and has soft ivory sugar pearls. Even the board is embossed with crosses with the same ivory sugar pearls at their center.

We wish Kristijan a bright future of love, health and happiness!


Hockey Night in Caledon

October 29th marked 5 delightful years when my grandson Jackson entered our lives.....and life as we knew it changed forever.  He lights up everyone's life and we love him to the moon and back.......this year Jackson is in Timbits Hockey (sooo cute) and he asked for his cake to be a hockey rink, though he wanted it to be almost as big as a real rink, hahaha, he settled for this 10x17" slab.

Using a template I printed from the internet I think it's pretty close to scale.  Though for the life of me I could not find any hockey nets small enough for this cake, ugh.....anyway made do with out the nets.  Jackson also requested his cake to be chocolate with white middle, hahaha so we made it our chocolate fudge cake filled with white chocolate mousse.........all the lines and circle details are done in fondant with an edible Maple Leaf logo at centre ice. 

The boards are done in fondant/gum paste mix with edible prints for the ads which include; Tim Hortons (of course), Canadian Tire, Pizza Pizza,, Coca Cola and a couple of Canadian Flags.

Happy Birthday Jacks!
We love you to the moon and back!