May 24, 2014

65th Birthday & Retirement

This last celebration is for a lady celebrating her 65th birthday and retirement.  Christine requested this cake to have a large tree with a girl sitting on a swing reading a bible and the only real criteria was that she had to be wearing a fuchsia dress. Let's hope they like this.

What a wonderful peaceful place to be, under a big tree with blue skies and flowers all around and the good book in your hands.  This slab is vanilla cake filled with vanilla butter cream.  All details are done in fondant except for the bible and the 2 doves which are done in gum paste.

The details are done in a combination of fondant 2D effects and some painting with edible colours.

Awe doesn't it just make you feel good, that's what we'll call this, "our feel good cake" only wish is that my icing penmanship was better, lol.  Well the message is there......we wish Hermine all the best on her special day and for many years to come.

A Chic birthday for Sharon

This next celebration is to honour Sharon on her birthday. Not sure if it's a mile stone or not.

This purse cake is done in chocolate fudge cake filled with vanilla butter cream.  When ordering this cake Christine showed me the picture of a previous hot pink bag with a white/black/pink shoe I had done. So using the same pallet I created this.

A little fun with the zebra print combined with hot pink alligator and topped with a flirty black scarf and bow.

The gum paste shoe is done to compliment the bag.
I couldn't resist adding a little bling on the back of the heal.

Happy Birthday Sharon!

Happy Graduation

It's been a busy week getting 3 cakes ready for our client who will be celebrating 3 big events with family and friends.

1st up is a graduation and the request was a giant cupcake for our graduate.  Colours in navy blue, yellow with red.

Giant cup cake is done in red velvet cake filled with cream cheese filling. Black gum paste grad hat with red tassel. Bottom of cupcake done in navy blue topping it with yellow.
Gum paste diploma opened to reveal congratulations to Natasha on her "Masters in Art!

May 20, 2014

Lightning McQueen 1st Birthday

Last Sunday a little boy and his family celebrated his 1st Birthday and I was delighted to be able to help them celebrate with a cake.  His Dad who happens to be a friend and colleague of my BFF, asked if I could make a Lightning McQueen cake for Justice.

A Lightning McQueen character pan was used to create the shape for this cake. Flavour choice was chocolate fudge cake filled with vanilla butter cream.  The cake is covered in red fondant with all details being done in fondant as well.

Since the car cake wasn't large enough to serve the guests at the party, I placed it on a slab and added the racing motif around the cake, done in black & white fondant.  The slab cake was done in a vanilla cake filled with vanilla mousse with fresh strawberries.

Happy 1st Birthday Justice!


May 15, 2014

Birthday wishes!

Also on Mother's Day another Mom was celebrating a birthday as well who happens to be the mom of a good friend of my son-in-law's.  It was a last minute decision to have a cake but he is such a sweet son and decided to surprise her.

He requested a chocolate Guinness cake filled with white chocolate mousse decorated in butter cream.

This 8" cake is covered in vanilla butter cream rosettes with added pink flowers, a sprinkle of pink sugar topping and little pink sugar pearls.

Barney birthday for Maddalena

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day this past weekend. Also on Mother's Day our birthday wishes went out to a cutie little 2 year old Maddalena who happens to be my cousin's grand daughter. Maddy's mom contacted me and told me that Maddy loves Barney, you know that purple dinosaur, and asked if we could make Maddy's cake in a Barney theme. The design option that was chosen was the full 2D Barney image.

I apologize I just realized I miss spelled Maddalena's name, should have 2 "d's". I hate when I do that. Anyway Barney is made up of vanilla and chocolate marble cake using an 8" for his head, a 9" for his body and another 8" square for his legs and it's all filled with vanilla butter cream.  His arms and tail are just formed from fondant along with the balloons.

All details are made with fondant.


May 5, 2014

Melissa & Mike's wedding

This past Saturday we had the pleasure of attending my cousin's daughter Melissa's wedding. I have known Melissa all her life and she was always a pretty little girl and so sweet and she has grown up to be a beautiful bride.  We also had the honour of making her wedding cake to help celebrate the special day.

We finished the cake Friday evening and hit the sack so we would be ready for the big day. So up and ad am 1st thing in the morning to get my hair done, then off to get a mani/pedi, then home to get ready for the church ceremony at 1:30.  Left the church (just before mass ended) and dashed home to pack up the cake/s and head off to deliver them. Needless to say it was a hectic morning and in the midst of all that I forgot to take pictures of the cake/s at home so all pictures of the wedding cake are at the venue.


The design Melissa picked was a simply elegant 3 tiered vanilla cake filled with fresh raspberry curd topped with a refreshing lemon mousse. Covered in an off white fondant with navy blue ribbon around top and bottom tiers while the middle tier is covered in an assortment of small fondant / gum paste flowers and scattered edible pearls.

The topper was purchased by the bride and we thought was perfect for this cake. If you knew the bride and groom you would think that they posed for the making of this topper as it looks so much like the Melissa and Mike.

Among the guests at the wedding there were 2 birthdays being celebrated. Melissa asked if we could make a couple of cakes so they present them to the 2 celebrating.

One of the birthdays was a good friend of the groom's who apparently loves chocolate so we made him a chocolate Guinness cake filled with the lemon mousse covered in chocolate butter cream and chocolate drizzle with a sprinkle of cocoa. I know......went a little crazy with the came out just a tad more than a sprinkle. But hey who doesn't like cocoa.

The second was to recognize the bride's cousin's daughter Megan who was celebrating her Sweet 16 and happen to be in from out of town for the wedding.  Her cake was also in the same flavor as the other birthday cake but decorated a little more on the girly side in design.

I know, bad picture, but the only one ugh. We made Megan a cute giant cupcake with the bottom covered in white fondant and a zebra pattern to represent the cupcake wrapper. The top is done in white butter cream rosettes with pink fondant daisies and after taking this picture I realized it looked a little bear so I added a few more daisies. There are also a few glittery gum paste butterflies and of course the pink fondant #16. Megan was thrilled with her cake and there were some pictures taken by her family of her and the cake so hopefully we'll come across one. I really did mean to take pictures but.......

All in all it was a wonderful day and evening and we were delighted to be a part of Melissa and Mike's big day. We wish them all the best for the their future together along with their adorable kids Emily and Christian.

Congratulations Melissa and Mike!
We love you both!