May 24, 2014

65th Birthday & Retirement

This last celebration is for a lady celebrating her 65th birthday and retirement.  Christine requested this cake to have a large tree with a girl sitting on a swing reading a bible and the only real criteria was that she had to be wearing a fuchsia dress. Let's hope they like this.

What a wonderful peaceful place to be, under a big tree with blue skies and flowers all around and the good book in your hands.  This slab is vanilla cake filled with vanilla butter cream.  All details are done in fondant except for the bible and the 2 doves which are done in gum paste.

The details are done in a combination of fondant 2D effects and some painting with edible colours.

Awe doesn't it just make you feel good, that's what we'll call this, "our feel good cake" only wish is that my icing penmanship was better, lol.  Well the message is there......we wish Hermine all the best on her special day and for many years to come.

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