June 8, 2014

A Mickey Mouse birthday

In looking over my posts, I can't believe I missed writing up on this one. Justin, one of my favourite little people.....my nephew's little guy......I guess he's my grand nephew, huh, anyway he turned 3 back in April.  I know we're in June but I honestly don't know how I missed it, but I did make him a cake. Justin is all about Mickey these days so we made him a Mickey Mouse cake.

This is a take on "The Cake Boss" rendition of Mickey.  2 tiers of Chocolate Guinness.....wanna guess who ordered the flavor, LOL.....filled with white chocolate mousse.  Actually if you count the cap on top which is cake, it's technically 3 tiers.   All details are made in fondant except for the bow tie and the ears which are made from gum paste.

Sorry buddy, didn't mean to miss you.  I know you loved your cake and had a fantastic birthday. Love you lots!

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