June 11, 2012

Catch up

Well haven't been blogging lately but have been busy and getting busier, yeah!  Actually we have been getting ready for a wedding coming up on the 23rd of June which I and hubby have been invited to attend.  Our neighbour's daughter is getting married and we are delighted that Renee asked us to make her cake.  Can't wait to show you pictures, but for now I have been working on all the flowers that will be on this cake.  The cake will be white on white with Peony and roses.  I have never made peony before but there's a first time for everything and I actually enjoy making them almost as much as I like making roses.  Here's a sneak peek at the peony and roses. Only a few more to go........

My first peony made with the instructions that came with the cutters.....not bad uh, this has a gum paste centre......I also made some peony using instructions I found from the web using a small Styrofoam ball as the centre

a little different effect but I think I like both ways, so I'm using both. These will be tipped with a little silver luster dust to add a little bling.  Can't wait to see the finished cake..........and the bride's reaction.  She had a definite design idea for this cake and was excited when she saw the flowers I'm working on,

Here's a full rose and a rose bud also for Renee's cake. These too will be dusted with silver luster dust.  It's getting close and still a lot more flowers to do and in the mean time more cakes to do.  So stay tuned.....

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