June 30, 2013

Julia's 1st Birthday

Next up was a cake requested from Mel's friend Erin who's daughter Julia turned 1 this past week. Family and friends joined them on Saturday afternoon to help celebrate and Mel, Phil and kids were among the party goers.  Erin showed us a picture of a cake she liked and asked if we could make a similar cake for Julia.

This colourful 2 tier was made up of a chocolate Guinness cake for the bottom tier, layered with white chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache and white chocolate mousse.  They loved the cake we did for Jule's 2nd birthday last week end and said they had to have the chocolate ganache cake for Julia's birthday and according to Julia's mom Erin it was a big hit.

Julia's little fondant monkey is sitting on a 6" vanilla cake filled with white chocolate mousse. This was our 1st attempt at making a polka dot cake on the inside. Erin told us to use her as a guinea pig on this one, though it didn't turn out the way we wanted it to, it was okay.

We knew it didn't turn out when we were baking it. We made the cake balls with a very light batter and they rose to the top when they should have stayed in the middle of the cake. Lesson learned. Mel took a picture of the cake once it was cut and you can still see the effect of the brightly coloured polka dots inside.

The brightly coloured balls around each tier are actually candy coated chocolate balls.

Happy 1st Birthday Julia!

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