June 30, 2013

Merry-go-round 3rd Birthday

This cake we just delivered today was ordered for little Sofia who turned 3 and loves carousels. This was a fun cake to make but took a lot more time that we thought.

The cake is a single tiered vanilla cake layers filled with a strawberry butter cream which we made with fresh Ontario strawberries.  The actual Merry-go-round is not edible.

The 4 horses are made from gum paste and embellished with fondant. Cookie cutters were used and two were used for each horse sandwiching them on the post to give them a 3D effect and each placed at different heights. Dowels were used for the post which are covered in fondant.
We used Styrofoam for the center post and the base of the tent and covered them in fondant. We thought this made for a lighter top than if we used rice krispy treats. 

A cone shaped form was used for molding a tent from gum paste and once it was dry it was attached to the top and embellished with fondant.  A little gum paste flag at top center was added marking Sofia's age.

Fondant clowns finished the carnival look and were added to the base making it appear as if they are holding the greeting for the birthday girl. Purchased clown heads was an easy finish to our clowns. To finish it all off we added edible glitter all over to give it a little sparkle.

The cake received great reviews from Sofia's parents and the few guests that had already arrived when we dropped this cake off today. We hope Sofia loved her cake and that everyone enjoyed the party.

Happy 3rd Birthday Sofia!

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