November 8, 2013

NFL 30th Birthday

This cake was just picked up by Meral for her husband's birthday party tomorrow. Ssssh, it's a surprise so it's being stored at Michael's parent's house. In September we made a wedding cake for Mary who is Meral's sister in law and Meral loved it so she contacted us for this special cake to help celebrate this milestone birthday for her husband Michael.

Michael is a big football fan so Meral thought the cake should have something to do with the sport. We both agreed on a football stadium with no particular team just NFL football in general though I did add a few different team flags.

This was a first for us so I did consult the Internet and got a great deal of ideas. Since Michael's favourite flavour is chocolate that's what we did and filled it with a yummy butter cream with a hint of cappuccino flavouring. 

The field and the stadium seats are all cake made up of approximately 6  9x13" cakes.  All the fans are made from cake sprinkles. Aren't they colourful just like real fans, lol.

I also added some detail on the outside of the building like doors and windows.

All is pretty much edible except of course for the skewers which hold up the team flags and the goal posts.  Team flags, NFL logo and picture of helmet on field are all edible prints.

Oh yeah and the score board which I thought of too late to make it out of gum paste or fondant so I just printed up a generic scoreboard on photo paper and mounted it on 2 skewers.

Here's the back of the building with added windows and couple of doors made out of fondant.

I don't know why I picked SF helmet for the center field though I did put a SF flag up so why not. I didn't have small enough #'s and I really don't like piping #'s so not all the lines are marked but you get the idea.

NFL logo and team flags

What better way to show that Michael is turning 30 by putting it front and center and making it look like a score which I did with fondant and gold edible paint.

Happy 30th Michael!

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