November 8, 2013

A pretty birthday cake

Meral also requested a small cake for a friend of hers that is also celebrating a birthday. She thought it would be nice to acknowledge her friends birthday at Michael's party.  There was no real idea of what type of cake she wanted her only request that it be pretty.

I decided to go with a red velvet cake filled with cream cheese filling which is one of the flavor ideas Meral thought of but left it up to me to decide. With not yet knowing what I was going to do with this cake I made a few gum paste flowers in different shades of pinks. Once they dried I dusted them to highlight the centers and added pink dragee. 

I have to admit the colour of the fondant I used to cover the cake came to me after making a batch of light grey fondant for the brick work on the stadium. I have always liked pink and grey together.

I added a ruffled boarder just to add a little something more than your simple straight boarder. Who doesn't like ruffles. As I placed my 1st flower, the larger one front and center I got the idea of adding a few branches or stems which I saw (can't remember when) in one of my many cake decorating books. I think it just added a special little touch. These were done in a light brown fondant.

I finished it off by adding a few scattered white dragee.  I must say it did turn out quite pretty. Meral loved it, let's hope the birthday girl thinks so as well.

Happy Birthday!

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