September 26, 2010

What's next?

Well it's been a few days since my last post. I think we are all still coming down from the wedding festivities.  Well my daughter Mandy and her new husband Jon are now on their way to BC.  Yeah, they're moving there for a few years. My daughter, a nurse, got a position out there and thought it would be a great experience. Thank gawd for computer's, we are able to keep in touch and follow their blog on their road trip. Gives a little piece of mind to have some link to them even if they are far away. We're gonna miss them.
Well Mel's computer isn't working right now so she hasn't been able to post anything. I will be posting some pictures of birthday cakes we have up and coming in the these next couple of weeks.  I did one just after the wedding for my friend Marisa's grandson who turned 3. I'll have to download that picture and post it. Turned out cute. He only had one wish and that was that his 3 super hereos were on the cake, "Spiderman, Iron man and The Hulk".  Don't you just love kids!  Well, I'll down load what I came up with and post the pic asap. Ciao for now.

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