September 11, 2010

cake disaster rescue team!

Well this will be my last post for a while. We will be busy getting cakes and stuff done for my eldest daughter Mandy's wedding this coming Saturday. So a lot of work ahead of us.  But I couldn't resist telling you about what happened a couple of weeks ago.  We get home from work on a Thursday and my husband said he wasn't feeling well. To make a long story short we ended up in emerg, yup that's right, all night & into the next morning.  But the good news is it was a false alarm and he is fine.  But with no sleep other than a couple of hours on Friday after returning from the hospital, I had been up since 5:30 Thurs morning.  My brave husband went golfing as planned on Friday.  And around 7:30 that evening as I was dozing in front of the TV I receive a frantic call.  My BFF, Marisa calls and says there is an emergency and asked if I could help.  Curious I asked what the emergency was.  Her neighbour and friend whom I also am acquainted with was asked a favour on Thursday.  The use of her fridge for safe keeping of a cake that was for Saturday night. It was for a 25th wedding anniversary party.  Needless to say a tragic thing happened and the cake got hurt beyond repair.  The custodian of this cake was beside herself and didn't know where to turn so they brought the cake over to my place and we put our heads together to figure out what to do next. 1st I suggested she contact the gal who dropped off the cake, who happened to be her daughter's BFF, and tell her what happened. Now remember this is Friday night and the party is the next evening. They tried contacting the original baker who was happened to be gone for the weekend. No luck there.
She got ahold of her daughter's BFF who originally got the cake and she was devastated, who can blame her! But we reassured her that she would have a cake for Saturday night.  She asked that we keep it as close to the original cake as possible.  The original cake had a gum paste orchid on it and some blue ribbon, which fortunately were untouched. So I was able to reuse these 2 items.  But the key part was an edible picture of the couple's wedding 25 years ago.  This unfortunately did not make it. We had to get an original photo which was not available until Sat afternoon.
Now approaching 9:00pm on Fri, I immediately start baking 2 12" round vanilla cakes. Thank goodness they turned out perfect and I had all the ingredients on hand. So as they are cooling I'm off to bed (now 1:00am) to try and get some sleep. Up early Sat morning to make my cream filling and check my inventory needed to complete this cake. Everything turned out well. The custodian of the cake was thrilled and relieved of embarrassment and the cake made it safely to the party;

The cake was simply decorated, I tried to stay very close to what it looked like originally but I added a little silver edible glitter to spruce it up a bit. Can't really tell by the picture.  Well Mary to the rescue, all is well that ends well, just hand me a cape LOL, except in my case it would be an apron.  But the story funny enough does not end there.  I go into work and the girls at work all ask how my husband was doing after the ordeal as I did not go in on that Friday. So I proceed to tell them my story about the cake. As I get into the story and haven't even mentioned that it was for a 25th wedding anniversary yet one of my colleagues at work pipes up and asks if it was for a 25th wedding anniversary that was held in Brampton.  Why may I ask, well she said she happened to be bar tending and the story was going around the room that the original cake was destroyed and this was a last minute cake.  Of course we had to laugh.  My colleague had no idea that I was responsible for saving this party. But she did have only good things to report.  Everyone at the party loved the cake and she confirmed that it tasted great! It's a small world after all. Hey, where's that cape???  LOL.

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