September 9, 2010

a birthday for 3 fellas

Well I promised to start putting some pictures on here so I think I'll start with one of our favourites. My dear friend Marisa called me one day and asked if I would be interested in making a cake for 3 fellas in her office that were going to celebrate birthdays all within a few days of each other. She said they usually buy store bought cakes to celebrate birthdays at the office but this time she wanted to put me and Mel to the task.
She asked if we could make a boob cake. We told her we were up for the challenge. Marisa requested it to be sexy but respectable for the office and the only other criteria was that it was to be black and hot pink. So here is what Mel & I came up with;

We started with a 12" x 18" vanilla /raspberry swirl sheet cake and shaped it. The boobs were also vanilla cake made from  3" 1/2 ball pans and we padded them well with a raspberry cream filling.  The bustier was choc fudge buttercream icing tinted black and we added some piping gel so that it appeared shiny and actually had a leather look to it. It's hard to tell from the picture.  The hot pink ruffle trim was vanilla buttercream tinted hot pink (again the colours aren't quite right in the picture, oh well you get the idea) and we added the pearls one by one with tweezers. We added the puffy heart necklace after my husband commented that her neck looked bare, LOL. We gave her a pearl necklace and puffy heart was made with pink gel frosting.  I think it gave it a rather nice touch of class, hehehe, leave it to a man to notice such things.  My friend and her collegues absolutely loved the cake and apparently no one wanted to cut the boobs. One of the birthday boys took them home to show his dad, too funny. They all had a good laugh and enjoyed the cake.
We had so much fun making this cake and even more fun hearing the comments they had.  Comments are always welcome. Thanks for looking. Ciao for now.

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  1. i love this one. even funnier that dad said her neck looked bare...only dad would say that!