September 10, 2010

Jackson's Christening

Me again, Mary.  This blogging can get addictive, hahaha. Well I thought I'd try to catch up by getting some the cakes Mel and I made on our blog.  Honestly we won't post ALL of them, we really don't want to bore you. We'll only post the ones we think you'll enjoy, which will be most, LOL.
Well there's a little guy who has absolutely stolen my heart and I can't seem to get enough of him.  My little grandson Jackson who happens to be Mel's son.  He was christened back in June and of course Mel and I made his cake to commemorate the event.
Is saw this cute little mold of a sleeping baby and of course I had to get it. It's pretty cool, I've already made a couple of babies out of gum paste and they look so real. The 1st was for Mel's sister-in-law's baby shower cake and the of course for Jackson's Christening cake.

Doesn't the baby look so real. I couldn't even believe it when I made it. I saw the mold on Yummy Arts website and couldn't resist, but I was not prepared for how easy it was to make.  When it comes out of the mold obviously there is no detail.  The detail was done with petal dust, cinnamon & baby pink.  The 2 tier cake was choc fudge with cookies and cream filling, YUM!!!! covered in white fondant and quilted with baby blue pearls at each point of the quilt. The cake was a huge success and the baby well it's a keep sake. Gum paste vertually lasts forever if you don't drop it.  Anyway until the next time, oh yeah here's a picture of the baby shower cake we did for Mel's sister-in-law back in May who is a big Scooby Doo fan.  She had a beautiful little boy Wyatt, a cousin for Jackson. 

Please do stop by again.  Ciao for now.

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