September 10, 2010

Lemonade anyone?

I have to share this cute story.  I was asked by a neighbour to make her daughter's 15th birthday cake which Mel and I were delighted to do. Well Katie, the soon to be 15 year old, has a little 7 year old sister Aimee. While her mom and I were discussing the upcoming birthday event Aimee approached me and asked if I could make a cake for her. Intrigued I asked what the occasion was, she told me she was having a lemonade party with a couple of friends.  Her mom explained that since Katie was going to be having a birthday party Aimee felt she needed to have a party as well.  With her mom's okay on this special cake I asked Aimee what she would like. With her creative mind at work she simply said "I would like a cake that looks like a lemon" she then added "but I don't want it to taste like a lemon just look like one".  She also thought it would be nice if I could make a couple of little lemons as decoration.  Well I've never made a cake to resemble a lemon before but there is a first for everything. Here's a picture of Aimee's lemon cake,
The cake is actually a vanilla cake with choc fudge butter cream filling and if it wasn't chocolatey enough I threw in some choc chips for good measure.  I started by make 2 oval cakes (6" x 2" oval pans), once the cake was filled I carved it to resemble the shape of a lemon. I commissioned a real lemon to be my model, LOL. Once I had the cake carved to my liking I dirty iced it but left it rather rough where normally you smooth the crumb coat to prepare for fondant.   After chilling I covered it with yellow tinted fondant. Thanks to my sister Lisa's creativity she suggested I use a small cheese grater to get the effect of the lemon skin texture and it worked beautifully. I finished it off with a little green petal dust here and there and a little brown petal dust at the ends.  Didn't forget to add a couple of small lemons as decorations as requested by my client.  The feedback from Sandra (Aimee's mom) was wonderful. They enjoyed the cake which is my main focus but the comments were that even the little ones thought that the cake looked like a real lemon.  Well Aimee I have enjoyed making your cake and thrilled that you approved.

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