September 21, 2010

a memorable wedding

Well it's come and gone but what a wonderful event it was.  My baby girl, well my eldest, is now married to the man of her dreams. The perfect match! The event was held on Algonquin Island (one of the Toronto Islands) and the weather cooperated beautifully. 
The wedding cake or I should say wedding cakeS. as there was a selection of cakes, were made by myself and Mel. Here's a picture of the cake table with the beautifully crafted cake stands made by the groom's dad with help from the groom's mom. They were made from tree stumps and had a beautiful laquered finish applied to them. I know a lot of love went into these and they will be treasured for a long time to come.

The cakes consisted of (from left to right), a choc stout cake/choc ganache, a vanilla apricot cake, a pumpkin apple spice/carmel drizzle, a gluten free ultra orange cake/orange cream frosting, a choc zucchini cake and the main wedding cake (centre) bottom tier is the groom's favourite, carrot cake/cream cheese filling and the top tier was vegan choc cake/cappuccino cream filling, covered in white fondant.  A little of something for everyone.  The flowers of choice at the wedding were Dahlias which I stayed with the theme and made gum paste dahlias to adorn the wedding cake.  This was a tough one as I searched high and low on the web for a tutorial on gum paste dahlias and found nothing. So I printed pictures of real dahlias, there are a lot of different ones I soon found, and tried to copy from the pictures. My daughter was thrilled with them as were the guests.  Mel & I realize a job well done when most of the cakes were gone by the end of the evening and the compliments were well received and appreciated. Nothing makes us happier than knowing that the compliments on the looks of the cakes are accompanied by the compliments on the taste of cakes.

Here is a close up of the wedding cake and the gum paste dahlias;

Don't you just love the wedding cake topper. The cake topper was made by a local artist my daughter found and the artist depicted the couple well and even their cat was added at their feet.  Truly a work of art.
Aside from the cakes Mel & I made for the wedding, the real joy was that my husband & I along with our family were able to spend the weekend on the island and enjoyed the company of not only our family but our new extended family. Mel was standing by her sister along with the groom's sister and niece as witness as they took their vows and all the people we love were there to help us celebrate this wonderful union. Who could ask for anything more.
Mel & I were thrilled to have been able to contribute to the momentous event with the cakes which were truly a labour of love on our part. The wedding ceremony and reception were a huge success and it was definitely a good time shared by all.  All our love and best wishes for the happy couple on their new journey in life. We love you both!!!!

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