December 19, 2010

Dylan's birthday

Well we have some catching up to do.  The past week or so Mel & I have been super busy.  1st on our list of cakes is a "PS3" requested for Dylan's birthday.  If you are like me you are probably asking what is PS3? well it stands for "PlayStation 3". We started off with Mel drafting a template for the hand control. The game unit is very simple as it is very basic.  Dylan's dad asked us to make it a chocolate cake, Dylan's favourite, but was unsure of the filling.  We took a wild guess and hit the mark with a cookies and cream filling.  Dylan an his dad picked up the cake and you know you scored when Dylan looks at the cake and says; Awesome!.  He even got a taste before hand from the cake left over when carving the hand control.  Here's a picture of the cake;

Since the PS3 is all black it is difficult to see all details clearly.  The pictures don't do it justice and all that really matters it that the birthday boy loved the cake. 
 Happy Birthday Dylan!

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