October 26, 2014

Boy or Girl?

Baby # 2 on the way and what will it be? Boy or Girl?  Mel's boss Anthony asked if we could make a Gender reveal cake so that they could have a fun way to reveal the sex of the baby to friends and family.  They saw the doctor Wednesday and he gave them a sealed envelope with the results and that was given to us.  Anthony and Jackie wanted to be surprised at the same time as everyone else.  The party, well that was only 2 days after finding out.

So we literally had Thursday/Friday to get a cake baked and decorated for pick up Friday afternoon.  A simply cute single tier cake covered in white, decorated in blue, pink and yellow.  All details are made from fondant.  The cake, well it's vanilla dyed in either pink or blue (we'll soon find out)....filled with strawberry curd and white chocolate mousse.  Oh the pressure of having the knowledge before everyone else, lol.

Mel attended the party Friday and reported that everyone loved the cake. I told her to make sure that a picture was taken once the cake was cut, and sure enough Anthony sent this picture to reveal......

Congratulations to Jackie and Anthony and to big sister Victoria on the soon new arrival.

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