October 21, 2014

"Rio" themed birthday cake

This next cake was done for a pretty little girl who turned 2 on October 11th.  Jessica contacted me and asked if we could make Allegra's birthday cake this year in the "Rio" movie theme.  Jessica provided the little characters from the movie to be added to the cake.

This colourful and cute 2 tiered cake is covered in a sky blue and has a lot of colour fondant details along with our little characters.

The top tier is vanilla cake filled with a cookies and cream butter cream and features "Blue" sitting on a branch with his favourite gal.  I really can't remember the names of all the characters but I do remember it was a cute movie and my grandkids loved it.

The bottom tier is chocolate fudge cake filled with chocolate mousse and features the birthday girls name in big bright colours "ALLEGRA".

Puffy white clouds, a few birds, flowers, palm trees, leaves and more characters with a # 2 surround the top tier


Green grass, more palm trees, flowers, leaves and more characters finish off the bottom of the cake. All in all a bright fun cake.

 Happy Birthday Allegra!

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