October 16, 2011

Pinball birthday cake

This cake was requested by Andrew for his son's 7th birthday party tomorrow. Andrew contacted us through a flyer a friend of ours posted at work. The party is being held at a pinball arcade, that's pretty cool.  So Andrew thought it might be fitting to have a cake in the shape of a pinball machine.  The requested flavour is chocolate with our delicious cookies and cream filling, I've yet to meet a kid who doesn't like chocolate cake.  This one is sure to please children and adults alike.  Andrew's only request is that the cake be colourful and bright so we did just that.

Everything on this cake is edible, though I'm not sure you would want to attempt eating a gum paste piece.  Total cake is covered in red fondant with the playing field in blue fondant.  The paddles and bumpers are made from gum paste all other details are made from fondant.  There's a little glitter here and there to add a little pizzaz.

Side view of the cake

We added our birthday boy's name at the top "Ty" and on either side of his name we added the # 7.  Also notice the score of this game is 72004 -- being 7, Ty's age and 2004, the year he was born, pretty clever huh?

This cake is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow around noon. We truly hope we met Andrew's expectation and that Ty really likes his cake.


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  1. Your sweets are really special sis! Makes me wish I was a kid again so I could enjoy one of your creations as a little person. OOPS! That means you wouldn't be born for quite a while yet. How could these cakes be created without you and my niece Mel? Not to worry, I'll stay the age that I am. Great work you two! We need more people to see this yummy art. Spread the word.

    Proud bro & uncle