March 17, 2012

Bugs and guitars

Remember our hygienist / carpenter cake for soon to be newly weds who celebrate birthdays within a couple of days of each other. Well a friend & colleague of Tasha's mom Marisa asked if we could make a cake for her 2 nephews Daniel & Luca celebrating birthdays together. Paola, our client, said that the 2 boys are in to bugs and Daniel likes guitars and asked if we could come up with something for them to incorporate their likes.

Well, bugs huh? We came up with this idea of 1 cake, 2 boys split down the middle by an ant trail. This 9x12" double layer chocolate cake is filled with whipped cream as requested by the boy's father. The ants came to us by means of our "Hello Cupcake" book. They are made with melted chocolate for the legs, antennae and lower body then the body is filled in with smarties and/or jelly beans. Hello Cupcakes used M&M's but since we are peanut & nut free Smarties did the trick.  The ant hill is made from graham cracker crumbs mixed with Oreo cookie crumbs. And Daniel's guitars are made from molded chocolate which we tinted.

Along with the ants we had spiders, centipedes and tics. All is edible. When I dropped off the cake today Daniel and Luca's aunt Paola loved it. Let's hope the boys like our bugs & guitars too.


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  1. A nice email rec'vd from our client;

    Thank you Mary and Mel for the two amazing cakes you made for me on the weekend.

    They were so unique, colourful and delicious too! The boys loved the bugs and guitar and my daughter Teresa was thrilled with the Sociology book and diary. It made the birthdays very special and memorable.

    You did a beautiful professional job.


    Paola Greco