October 9, 2013

50 Years of Smiles!

50 Years of Smiles is what the Brampton Meals on Wheels was celebrating yesterday with a luncheon at the Pearson Convention Centre. The Mayor of Brampton along with approx. 150 guests were proud to be celebrating such a wonderful accomplishment.  We were asked by Rosa, who works for Peel Region and who was one of the people helping to put this event together, if we could come up with a cake design for the event.

Vanilla cake with lemon butter cream was the flavor request for this slab which ended up measuring 24" x 18".  Their logo was recreated in fondant and placed at the front of the cake, and as you can see it literally represents a "meal on wheels".....how cute. So as the topper we thought why not keep with the theme and literally make a "meal on wheels".

The platter was made with gum paste and I actually used one of my real platters as a form and fondant wheels were added. The food was made from fondant and to give the chicken legs a crispy fried chicken look crushed corn flakes were used.  Icing was used for the mash potatoes with added melted chocolate as the gravy. Since the celebration theme was "50 years of Smiles" we put little smiles on the carrots and green beans.

Congratulations on 50 wonderful years of service Meals on Wheels has provided for our community and many thanks to the wonderful workers and volunteers who make this service such a great success.

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