September 15, 2015

April 18th 2015

Okay so this cake which I did for the 18th of April was so fun to make but I found it to be a odd request for a baby shower. This was requested by a friend of my friend Tina and apparently the mommy to be likes penguins and hockey. So the gals throwing her surprise baby shower thought it would be cute to incorporate a little daddy, mommy and baby penguin skating and possibly playing how did I do in my interpretation?

Here's Mommy and Daddy Penguin and Daddy penguin is all set for a game of hockey.......notice the skates on the penguins.  Found this real cute tutorial on how to make these adorable penguins.

and here is baby penguin who's fallen down....he needs a few more lessons from dad

and of course they wanted "They Scored!" as the saying on the cake.....I guess they are referring to Mommy and Daddy.....or maybe it's just a hockey thing LOL.

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