February 2, 2015

A Minnie Birthday

Also in December my God daughter's little girl turned 2.....and it seems her love for Minnie hasn't changed.  Last year I did a Minnie cake for her 1st birthday and Mommy said that Alexa still loves Minnie and requested another for her birthday this past December.

Alexa's favourite colour happens to be pink so of course pink had to play a big part in this cake. The bottom tier of this cake is chocolate fudge filled with white chocolate mousse alternated by a cookies and cream center filling.  Reportedly this combination was a big hit.

The top tier was vanilla with a surprise reveal of pink polka dots when cut into. I keep forgetting to ask for a picture of the cut cake to see how the reveal appeared but we did this for last years cake and Tanya (mom) requested it again and told me it was again a big hit with the guests.

All details on this cake were done in fondant.
A Very Happy 2nd Birthday Wish for our little Alexa!

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