February 2, 2015

Jill's 60th

So I haven't done anything for January, took some time off and enjoyed my grand kids and a new start to a new year.........

Tomorrow, February 3rd, is my close friend and cousin by marriage, Jill's 60th birthday.  Her daughter Melissa and her 2 son's Anthony and Adamo threw their Mom a surprise birthday party held this past weekend, the 31st of January to be exact.  Melissa asked if I could make a cake for her Mom's party which hubby and I also attended.  Melissa gave me full reign on design and flavor but did express that her favourite flavor was our chocolate Guinness cake.  So I did make the chocolate Guinness cake and filled it with a white chocolate mousse.  And it was brought to my attention by Melissa and several others at the party that this combination tastes a lot like the "Joe Louie" cakes we know and love, LOL.

Knowing Jill, I knew that the cake had to be frilly and feminine and she loves the mauves and pink tones.  I chose this design because it somehow reminds me of Jill. 

The bottom tier is done in fondant ribbon roses covering the entire cake.  It took 7 roses to cover around the bottom tier.  I made them in white fondant and then dusted them in edible glitter dusts with pink centers and purple/mauve tips working their way out. I added fondant pearls to border the top tier with a darker pinky/mauve bottom row and a softer pink top row.

I topped the cake with a gum paste # 60 and a ribbon rose similar to the ones around the bottom tier only this one is made in gum paste.

I truly enjoyed making this for Jill and was thrilled to her reaction first hand at the party.  She loved her cake and asked if she could just take it home as it was because she thought it was be a shame to cut it, LOL.  But once it was cut she marveled at the taste and thanked me for her beautiful cake.


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