February 21, 2011

Handy Manny!

This was the last of the cakes this past week.  This cake was requested by a friend of mine who's little guy is turning 5 today.  She said her son Alessandro is a big "Handy Manny" fan and asked if we could make his cake.  The funny thing is that she told her son she couldn't find a Handy Manny cake and had to get him a princess cake.  Soooo mean, but the cute thing was that Alessandro told his mom if that's all she could find then that would be okay with him.  What a darling!  We made his cake vanilla with cookies and cream filling. We covered the cake in light brown fondant and made the top resemble wood. With Mel's steady hand she traced Manny onto the cake and filled Manny in with butter cream stars.  The top was to resemble the sign above his shop.  The tools are made from gum paste and painted with edible food colouring.  It really felt like they came to life once the eyes and face features were added.  I love this cake and it was fun making it.
I had the pleasure of dropping off this cake and watching Alessandro's face when he realized he didn't get a princess cake after all.  He was thrilled to find Handy Manny and his tools.

Happy Birthday Alessandro!

Hope you enjoy your cake!

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