April 29, 2011

Thomas the Train 3D cake

Just finished a cake for delivery today. Thomas the Train 3D engine.  This was a bit of a challenge but lots of fun seeing it come to life as we made it.  We searched on the web for a Thomas the Train cake and found some pretty good ones and lots of helpful hints.  We used a toy Thomas the Train engine I bought for my grandson Jackson at Christmas to help with the shape and the finishing touches.  A little word of caution if making a carved cake of any kind, stick to a basic firm cake and a butter cream icing.  This Thomas the Train is vanilla cake which was great for carving but the filling request was a strawberry cream with fresh strawberries which doesn't hold up well when carving as the strawberries tend to slip around.  We froze the cake when it was stacked prior to carving which helped the process.  This weekend we actually had 2 requests for Thomas the Train 3D engines.  This one is for Nicholas who is turning 2 and since it had to feed quite a few people I added a coal car.  I hope everyone enjoys the cake and I hope Nicholas will be thrilled.  Here's a look at the cake;


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