February 2, 2014

Baby news!

Last Sunday, the 26th of January, a baby shower was held for Tasha in the anticipation of the soon arrival of her 1st baby.  Tasha's mom Marisa asked if I could come up with a cake to help them welcome the little bundle.

I have always wanted to make a little crib cake and I thank Marisa for trusting me with Tasha's cake.  As it turns out I picked the right colour to make the crib which matches the new baby furniture. 

The only criteria given by Marisa were the colours used in the bedding. She had sent me a picture of the favours being given to each guest which happened to be soap in cute little polka dot boxes which I incorporated in the bedding. The colours were kept pretty neutral since they will find out if it's a girl or boy when he or she will make an appearance.

On the same day as the baby shower it also happened to be Tasha's birthday. What better way to celebrate. We do wish you a Happy Birth Date Tasha.

We wish all the best for the soon to be parents
and baby!

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