September 28, 2016

Jon's 40th

Last November 2015 my son in law Jon had a major milestone. He celebrated his 40th birthday. How does this happen? One day our kids are little next thing we know they're middle aged. Not going to think what that makes us, LOL. John has a love for many creative things and one being his love for music.  My daughter Amanda thought it might be fitting to make his cake in the shape of one of his favourite guitars.

My daughter traced out his guitar to give me a template of the shape and pictures so I knew where things went.  My kids had a laugh at the party because when Amanda sent me pictures the guitar was on their wooden floor so I covered my board the same. I thought it was smart but they thought it funny.  Jon's favourite cake is carrot so that's what I made the guitar cake filled with cream cheese filling.

I had trouble putting guitar strings on, the fine wire I used kept curling on me so I left it and made it appear to be needing new strings.

Was a great party and Jon loved his cake.   Really that's what counts and the reason I love making cakes.

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