November 5, 2011

40th Birthday

Our dear friend Mary, who by the way is Jackson's daycare provider, asked us to make a special cake for her husband Chis who is celebrating his 40th birthday.  As Chris apparently is a "boob" man, as Mary puts it, she asked if we could make him a pair. Since her kids and other family kiddies will be at the party we made the boobs a little conservative, well you be the judge;

We started with 2 - 1/2 rounds, with 1 vanilla cake filled with cream cheese butter cream and the other is our chocolate Guinness cake filled with an Oreo cream cheese butter cream.  We put them on a heart shaped board and covered the boobs and the board with skin tone fondant.  The bra is black fondant trimmed in red fondant flowers and white edible pearls.

Mary had given us the colours of choice being black & red. She also asked if we could give our boobs a little tattoo.  We painted a little butterfly with edible food colours and dusts.

We also decided to put another tattoo by her belly button, a "C" for Chris and added a little belly button jewelry, non edible crystals.  Mary came by to pick the cake up and loved it.  I'm sure Chris will have no problem taking a bite out of these, hahaha. 

Happy 40th Chris!

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