November 5, 2011

Rock Star 1st Birthday

Mel & I had fun with this cake. My daughter Amanda's friend Aleah has a little one turning 1 years old. Rock Star is what little Johnny's parents call him and believe me he is a cutie and who knows one day he may be a rock star. Aleah called and asked if we could make a cake to help little Johnny celebrate his 1st birthday. Of course we were thrilled. The only criteria on this cake was that it has to be a gluten free cake, so Aleah can also enjoy some cake, and the colours chosen for the festivities are blue and silver.  The rest was left up to us so we thought we'd do a play on the "Rock Star" theme.  We started by making a yummy Gluten free orange dream cake, double layer 10"x10" filled it with a cream cheese butter cream with a hint of orange.  Then we covered the cake in a blue fondant, added a little silver here and there and.........well have a look at what we came up with;

The # 1 is made from gum paste with added blue glitter, the guitar is made from blue chocolate using a guitar mold,  with added fondant stars and a little glitter.  All other details are made from fondant.

Here's a close up of the guitar. It's hard to tell from the picture but we had brushed silver dust along the strings to make the guitar strings stand out and little dots of black fondant make up the knobs for the strings. The guitar is inserted into the cake with a lollipop stick.

And we even made a little star smash cake for Johnny to enjoy. This is a glutton free double layer star cupcake with the same cream cheese/orange butter cream filling and covered in butter cream icing. We added little star sprinkles and the "J" for Johnny is made from fondant.

Johnny's dad Chris came by today to pick up the cake and was thrilled with it. Said it fell right into the theme of the party, with stars, guitars, blue and silver.  I'm sure the party will be a big # 1 hit!

Happy 1st Birthday Johnny!
aka;  ROCK STAR!!

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