December 12, 2011

Sweet 16

This past week was a busy one for us. We received a call regarding a sweet 16 cake that is for next Saturday the 17th of December. It seems that the person who was to make this special cake became unavailable to do so.  Vanessa, the sweet 16 and her mom came by to see me and ask if we could help celebrate this momentous occasion.  Mel & I were only too happy to accommodate.  There will be pictures and further postings on the cake next week.  In the meantime, Vanessa's actual birthday was this past Saturday, the 10th of December and her mom asked if could make just a small birthday cake for immediate family and her closest friends.  Vanessa's favourite colour is purple/lilac.  We had a little fun with the colours and made 8" hexagon vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream tinted lilac.  Here's a look at Vanessa's cake;

Happy Sweet 16 Vanessa!
Hope you enjoyed this cake and we
can't wait
to deliver your special cake next week.

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