July 20, 2013

Lynda's 50th

Though my dear friend and neighbor Lynda won't be officially turning 50 until Thursday, last night hubby Paul and her kids threw her a surprise birthday party. She had absolutely no clue, her family and friends got her good and hubby and I were fortunate to be part of the celebrations. I'm still recovering from a fun night of great friends, good eats, good music and let's not forget the great shooters!
To help with the celebrations Paul asked if we could make her cake and the only clue on what to make was that Lynda loves chocolate cake. So chocolate it was.

We decided to go with gift boxes. I know Lynda likes animal prints and she likes purple so we made the bottom tier a chocolate Guinness cake filled with vanilla cream and gave it a zebra print (favourite flavour  - check, animal print - check).  The top tier we decided to incorporate the purple (favourite colour - check) and for those at the party who might not be too into chocolate we made this one a vanilla cake with a fresh strawberry cream filling.

A few little details added like the gift tag and a gum paste bow to top it off and give it that gifty feel (is that even a word).  We also added a couple of gum paste gerbera daisies which is one of Lynda's favourite flowers. A little glitter here and there and I think it turned out great.

Lynda loved her cake and so did everyone at the party. It was a great party and hubby and I had a great time.  Happy Birthday Lynda! We wish you love and happiness for years to come.

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