March 24, 2014

Sarah's bridal shower

This Friday, 28th March 2014 is a very special day for Geoff and Sarah and we are delighted to be asked to provide the cake/cupcakes for this upcoming event.  But 1st to honour Sarah and celebrate her upcoming nuptials a bridal shower was held on the weekend I returned from my vacation.  We were asked to provide a small cake for her and her guests.

This 10" cake was requested in chocolate fudge filled with chocolate mousse.  Sarah's Mom Judy didn't have any preference on design just asked to be simple and pretty.  Since Sarah's wedding colour is burgundy, we decided to do this ruffled cake in graduated colours starting with burgundy at the bottom. 

We topped off the cake with a light burgundy fantasy rose with the petals tipped in a darker shade.

Congratulations Sarah and we look forward in helping make your upcoming wedding special.

1 comment:

  1. A nice note from Shannon's mom Judy;

    "Thank you so much for the GORGEOUS shower cake! Everyone commented on how pretty it was, and then they ate it and, well, lets just say ALOT of diets were blown on Sunday. Mary and Mel, you guys are simply the best!!!"