September 18, 2011

1st year anniversary

It's already been a year, wow! since my daughter Amanda and son-in-law Jon said "I do". Mind you they have been together for 12 years prior, so it was just a reason to have a great party. This past week we were lucky enough to have them home from B.C., Smithers to be exact. They spent the 1st part of their 2 wk vacation with us and it happens that today was their 1st year anniversary, same day as my granddaughter's christening.  I think that's the real reason they came home for Juliana's christening.  Well on Thursday past, it was the only evening they had free, we had a little family celebration.  Had Jon's parents over for dinner to help celebrate the occasion.  And what's a special occasion with out a we baked a cake.  Jon's favourite which we made last year for the bottom tier of their wedding cake was what we decided to make.  Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for the filling. This was an 8" & 6" round covered in fondant. It's very rare we get to taste the cakes we make so this was a treat.  I have to say the carrot cake was delicious! 

I even kept a couple of the dahlias I had made for their wedding cake last year.  They are a little brittle but still held up.

Happy Anniversary Amanda & Jon
We love you!

We are going to miss you when you leave us again tomorrow!

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