September 10, 2011

Beach Birthday

This was the 2nd cake for pick up yesterday. This cake was ordered by a young fellow that works with my hubby.  He drew a picture for us and was specific on how he wanted the cake to look. Great idea by the way. The cake is for his girl friend's birthday and apparently she loves the beach. 

The cake is a double layer 10" sq vanilla cake with butter cream filling. The palm trees are created by wrapping  fondant/gum paste mix over dowels and the palm leaves are made from gum paste and shaded with various shades of edible dust.  All other details are made from gum paste.  Tony wanted the message to appear as if it were written in the sand and looking wet, which  I think we achieved but hard to see the wet look in the pictures.  The sand is golden brown sugar and the water is made from blue tinted piping gel.  All is edible except for the hammock and of course the dowels making up the palm trees.  Here's a top view of the cake;

Here's a close up of the hammock which is made from fabric,

Happy birthday Neuza! We hope you enjoyed your cake!

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