September 24, 2011

War Machine

This is the last of the cakes for this weekend and yet to be picked up. Our biggest fan and dear friend Marisa is picking up this cake for her grandson's 4th birthday.  Up until she asked for this cake I had no idea what "War Machine" was.  Apparently it is a character from the "Iron Man" movies.  This was quite a challenge since I am no artist and Mel was in Niagara Falls in a ball tournament.  Marisa provided a mask of the "War Machine" so I would have something to go by.  Didn't turn out too bad, if I say so myself.  You be the judge;

The cake request was for chocolate with more chocolate for the filling. You've heard the saying "death by chocolate" well here you have it.  Chocolate fudge cake with choc chips and the filling, well you guessed it choc fudge mousse with more choc chips.  The mask was made partly by carving and partly by added fondant pieces underneath the fondant cover to give it depth and shape.  I started out with a 1/2 ball choc cake and once the carving and detail fondant work was done I covered it in grey fondant then painted the black and silver parts to bring it to life.  It's set on a double layer 9"x13" slab also covered in grey fondant.

Here's a picture of the mask beside the cake. Not a bad resemblance but much tastier.

Happy Birthday Nicholas!
Already 4, wow! Hope you have a wonderful birthday.

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