January 27, 2012

Double Birthday Wishes

I just delivered a cake Mel & I created for a couple who will be married later this year and happen to celebrate birthdays only a couple of days apart.  Norma, a dear friend requested this cake for her niece Tasha and Tasha's fiance Mike.  She asked if we could somehow incorporate Tasha being a Hygienist and Mike being a Carpenter in the cake. So this is what we came up with;

Norma asked for vanilla and chocolate cake so we did half in vanilla and half in chocolate and filled it all with Oreo cream cheese filling.  All hygienist instruments and all tools are made with gum paste, the tube of toothpaste is made with fondant. We joined the two with a fondant ribbon and interlocking hearts.

You all know that "Clean Teeth are Happy Teeth"
just look at those pearly whites.

Looks like Mike has all the right tools and is ready for a slice.

We wish Tasha and Mike each a very "Happy Birthday" and all the best for an amazing future together.

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  1. Mary and Mel,

    Thank you for the great wishes for my niece and her fiance. They had no idea about this cake and were very surprised! They loved it. Actually, we all did! We really didn't want to cut the cake for how beautiful is was but once we did, it was delicious! We all had seconds! :)