January 28, 2012

Gucci birthday

We received a last minute request from a friend for his girlfriends birthday. At the beginning of the week were asked if we could make a Gucci bag and a shoe for Anitha's 26th birthday. The colours requested were pink/black but really Gucci colours are usually beige/brown with a red/green stripe down the centre.  We did however find that Gucci did make some hobo bags that break away from the traditional colours. So we decided to make a pink bag with the Gucci design on it in black with black details.  The shoe, made from gum paste,  is a very simple slip on in black with a pink insole.

The bag which is all chocolate cake is filled with cookies & cream filling.  The handles are black fondant mixed with tylose as is the top band.  The buckles and key ring are made from gum paste.  The board is covered in white fondant to resemble fabric with scattered non edible pink crystals.

Happy Birthday Anitha!

We hope you enjoy your cake and we wish you many more wonderful birthdays.


  1. wow!...what a gorgeous cake, it looks like the real thing...beautiful job ladies!!!....Sue M.