January 8, 2012

Monster Cakes

Well a Happy 2012 to everyone! Especially to 2 special little guys who turned 1 year old in January. Their mom who is a good friend of Mel's asked us to make a special cake for her twin boys.  The theme was monsters and Christine, the boys mom, had a definite design in mind and sent us a picture of a cake she found online.  She also asked if we could make 2 smash cakes for the boys, one each with their names on them.

This was the main cake which consisted of a 10" round as a base with an 8" round and a 6" 1/2 ball cake to make up the body of the monster.  The cake is vanilla but Christine wanted it to be multi coloured and since it would be hard to get a picture of the cake once it was cut, I took a picture of the cake that we cut off to level so you can see the colours of the cake;

We made each cake like this and filled the cakes with vanilla mousse.  These pieces are from the tops we cut from the 6" smash cakes.  Pretty cool uh? The cakes are all covered in butter cream and the main monster is textured to resemble fur and his eyes and mouth are made from fondant.  His arms are dowels covered 1st in orange fondant and then with frosting.  The bottom cake also covered in butter cream frosting has white fondant eyes.  Below are the 2 smash cakes covered in white butter cream and have fondant monsters around it with fondant grass. Each monster was created free hand.

Mel & Phil with the kids were at the birthday party and Mel receive rave reviews on the cake which is always a plus. Christine loved that it was exactly what she wanted and got a kick out of the fact that we gave the monster hands to hold the banner and the colourful cakes inside and out.


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  1. A very BIG THANK YOU to Mary and Mel for making our twin boys's 1st birthday even more special with your cakes! I was more than impressed with all the detail and yes that the monster had wee thumbs to hold up the birthday banner....very creative. The boys loved the cake as well....the multi colors really got their attention. There was so much buzz about these cakes from so many people. I have to say it was one of the best parts of the day. Again thank you so much and we def highly recommend your cakes!

    Christine Valido