November 4, 2012

Thomas the Train scene

Also this past Saturday was another birthday for Liam who also turned 3.  His mom contacted us and asked if we could make a Thomas the Train cake for him. She just needed the scenery as she wanted to use a little Thomas the Train engine she had bought for Liam.  Hopefully we will get a picture sent to us with the little engine on the cake and perhaps with Liam.

It was decided to go with a 2 tier cake so we did the bottom layer in chocolate with cookies & cream for the filling and the top was vanilla cake with lemon curd & vanilla mousse filling. 

The bottom cake was carved to create a steep hill for the train tracks coming from the top tunnel and around and down and into the bottom tunnel.  All details are made from fondant.

Happy 3rd Birthday Liam!
We hope you enjoyed your day!

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