September 4, 2014

Polo shirt double birthdays

This cake was requested on a last minute through a friend who recommended us. The day this cake was required was the day we were leaving on vacation. I decided to go ahead and make this cake since they agreed to pick the cake up the night before I left. Plans don't always work out......the cake wasn't picked up the night before but thanks to a terrific neighbor who stepped in and greeted my customer for the pick up while we were on our way.

The cake requested was a vanilla slab filled with vanilla mousse and made to look like a Polo shirt. All details are done in fondant.  Due to the short notice I didn't get a chance to get the Polo insignia printed on edible paper so the shape of the insignia was cut out of fondant.

Happy Birthday Boys! Hope you had a fantastic day!


  1. A sweet note from Esther;

    "Good morning Mary,
    I'm so very impressed and thankful that I was introduced to you. All my guest loved the cake. We didn't want to cut it. Lol"