July 5, 2012

Canada Day with neighbours

A little over due but I just wanted to add this Canada Day celebration. It was actually the day after, Monday July 2nd that a few of our neighbours got together to enjoy each other's company over a few drinks and pot luck.  I opted to make pizza to share and the funny thing was when I arrived in my neighbour's back yard, one other neighbour exclaimed "pizza? what no cupcakes?" LOL. But I did make cupcakes. 

I actually tried a couple of new recipes for the cupcakes and who better than neighbours to use as my Guinea pigs.  I made 1 doz vanilla, just slightly different than my regular recipe and 1 doz chocolate tiramisu.  The vanilla I filled with Oreo cream cheese and topped with butter cream and a sprinkle of Oreo cookie crumbs. The tiramisu I filled with Carmel cream topped with Carmel butter cream and a sprinkle of cocoa.  All were topped with a red fondant maple leaf fit for the occasion.

The cupcakes went over very well, everyone enjoyed them. One our neighbours exclaimed while eating the vanilla/oreo cream cheese that she thought she died and gone to heaven...hahahaha. You gotta love your neighbours. The tiramisu got a big thumbs up and I was told by a couple of neighbours that this recipe is definately a keeper.

We are actually blessed with wonderful neighbours but in our busy lives we don't get to see them often other than the occasional wave on our way in or out. But we do try to make a point of spending some quality time together on special days and Canada Day is one of them.


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