July 22, 2012

Jane's 50th

Friday marked a special day for Jane who is the wife of one of hubby's golf buddies. While Jane took the day off work to enjoy a golf game with some girl friends, Brian put together a party for a few friends to help celebrate Jane's 50th. Brian asked if we would be able to help by providing the cake. Though he didn't give us much to go on, the only criteria was that it had to be a gluten free chocolate cake.

Not sure where this was going to take us, we started with filling a double layer 8" square with cream cheese filling drizzled with carmel. Not knowing the person well we decided to play it safe and make a gift box. Bow and hearts are all made from fondant.

My hubby got the thumbs up from Brian and ran into Jane at the golf course this morning and she claims to have never eaten this much cake before. She loved it.

Happy 50th birthday Jane!

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