July 31, 2012

Sweet 16 Diva cupcakes

This past week was busy which is always good. We had received an order for 6 doz cupcakes for pick up last Friday. They were actually ordered by Nerine who got our name from the last Diva cupcakes we made. These were to be for a Sweet 16 birthday held Friday night. 

There were 2 doz vanilla cupcakes topped with hot pink fondant, a little butter cream to secure a little black handbag

There were also 2 doz red velvet cupcakes topped with zebra print fondant, a little butter cream to secure lilac bows

And finally there were 2 doz strawberry flavoured cupcakes topped with chocolate fondant, a little strawberry flavoured butter cream securing a gold sparkle & brown gum paste shoe

I received a very nice thank you from Latoya, mom of the 16 year old who's name we never got. Latoya texted me saying the cupcakes were a big hit.

Our Happy Birthday wishes go out to the Sweet 16!

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