August 28, 2011

Skateboard birthday cake

This cake was picked up this morning for my BFF's grandson Jayden's 12th birthday.  Jayden's mom wanted to surprise him with a skateboard cake.  She gave us a picture of one she saw on the Internet to give us an idea how what she wanted.  Skateboard's are very thin in real life but in the cake world they are pretty thick so you can actually eat it.  Here's Jayden's skateboard cake,

The cake which is a chocolate 1/4 slab double layer filled with cookies & cream and covered in black fondant.  The skull was down free hand out of fondant.  The flames are cut out of yellow & orange fondant and the red highlighting down with an air brush.  The wheels are styrofoam balls with the ends cut off and covered in red fondant.  We joined them with wooden dowels.

Here you can see the actual thickness of the cake.  Jayden's name was cut out of fondant freehand.  I have already heard back from Jayden's grandma (my BFF) and she told me Jayden loved his cake and everyone thought it was delicious too!


May you have many more wonderful birthdays. We're happy you enjoyed your cake.

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